Institutional Volunteers

We gladly introduce you to the various forms of engagement, which would enable your company, association or foundation to become a member of the family relief network nestwärme e. V. Germany.

Charity Activities

Selective or sustainable commitment via:

  • Payroll giving – Employees donate Cents of their payrolls
  • Cake buffet donations
  • Raffles at company celebrations
  • Staff sales promotion from the remaining stocks of the company’s products
  • Selling Christmas calendars to employees in favour of nestwärme
  • Donating instead of making presents
  • Participation in the Charity Run for nestwärme

Interactive support through:

  • Purchasing via the affiliate platform
  • Placing the nestwärme online banner on your company website
  • “Likes” on the nestwärme Facebook page , to help spread news about nestwärme on social networks

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Programme

Social responsibility as part of your corporate strategy

Living Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) enables companies to position themselves positively through active engagement. A sustainable CSR concept shows a company’s willingness to make a positive impact on society. Companies that are seriously concerned with CSR and live social responsibility authentically are in high demand among employees, customers and shareholders.

nestwärme e.V. Germany stands for the sensitisation of the society for inclusion and solidarity with a lived value pattern such as mindfulness, appreciation, comfort, trust and security. A pattern that is equally important in the everyday life of your employees. If you too would like to integrate social commitment into your corporate strategy in the long term, then nestwärme e.V. Germany is your right partner!

We would gladly develop with you the appropriate instruments for an individual, authentic Corporate Social Responsibility strategy:

Cause Related Marketing

Products or services of your company can be the bearer of the message of your CSR strategy. Complement your assortment – permanently or selectively – with a charity product, whose partial revenue will benefit the programmes of nestwärme. In-pack and on-pack actions with Leporello or stickers can be a multiplier for the social sensitisation of our common themes.
The tea packaging of one of our partners is a successful illustrative example of this.


Corporate Volunteering

Another form of CSR is to free your employees during working hours for the purpose of contributing to a social volunteer day; or to provide more flexible work time models that will enable employees to better balance their work and volunteering commitment. The spectrum ranges from selective team projects and group actions (one department is involved in a nestwärme project), through “secondments” (employees with their Competence and Time are “borrowed” and work for nestwärme e.V. Germany over a certain period of time), to mentoring programmes, when employees become volunteer consultants, or pro-bono partnerships, when departments of your company support with their know-how a nestwärme project. Our diverse projects and campaigns provide an ideal platform.

Social Lobbying

Your company’s network has potential and influence at a variety of levels. Connect your entrepreneurial network with ours to attract opinion leaders and brand ambassadors for nestwärme and its vision.

Corporate Giving

Financial and in-kind donations form a basis for the sustainable continuation of the programme by us, aiming at relieving the affected families and sensitising the society.

More information about donations can be found here.

Corporate Foundations

Even before the public sector’s financial straits, civil society became indispensable for tackling the current and future challenges of our community. Foundations are increasingly important players in this field: as a driving force, financial pillar, project sponsors and innovation pioneers. Foundations are thus an important part of our free and democratic civil society. We are happy to discuss with you the possibilities of cooperation between nestwärme e.V. Germany and your (future) corporate foundation.

Matching Funds

Multiply donations for more “nest warmth”

A matching fund offers an additional incentive for employees to participate in a sustainable social business model. You invite your employees to donate to nestwärme and you as a company, double or triple the amount achieved. Alternatively, employees donate 1 euro of their monthly salary and the company doubles the amount achieved.

In the spirit of increasing the number of donations, a “Matching Fund” is a great opportunity to involve employees of the company in social commitment. Companies and employees work together as a team for a good idea and at the same time experience the community feeling by being part of nestwärme. It promotes the common idea of sharing with others and becoming part of a larger whole through a small contribution.

Mobilise your employees or colleagues in your company to donate funds to nestwärme and at the same time strengthen the identification of your dedicated employees with your company.

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